Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and other social media platforms are all the buzz right now in the technology world and only look to be increasing in popularity. Finding the business value in these networks is challenging, and frankly may not be viable for all companies. Choosing to ignore these emerging platforms is a mistake many businesses make and at the vary minimum every business should be aware of how they work, what they are, and if they should be explored further as a marketing tool.

social media marketing

Ask yourself these two questions and if the answer is unclear you may want to familiarize with them more. What are my competitors doing in this space? What are people saying about my business/products in this space? Read more about social media on Wikipedia

— Raise Brand Awareness
— Reinforce Search Ranking Factors
— Connect with your community or audience

Social Media may not be needed for every website or business, but it should not be ignored. Are your competitors using social media to reach potential customers? Was you brand mentioned recently in a positive (or negative) way? There may be simple and practical ways to stay aware of this without dedicating a lot of time or resources.