Search Marketing & Paid Advertising

Need to get people to your website fast? Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the fastest ways to do it – but it needs to be done right to make sure you get real value for your money.

— Pay Less & Rank Higher
— Set Daily, Weekly or Monthly Budget Caps
— Target Specific Regions, Days or Geographic Areas
— Test Exactly What Drives Sales & What Doesn’t
— Prevent Your Ad from Showing for Certain Searches
— Schedule Different Ads for Certain Times and Locations

paid web advertising click revolver

Paying for an advertisement to appear when people perform a web search for certain words or phrases in search engine’s like Bing, Yahoo, or Google is an immediate way to drive new visitors to your website. Click Revolver can setup a new paid advertising program for your business or work to expand & optimize an existing paid search program.

Pay Per Click advertising can be used as a short term strategy to draw visitors to a brand new website or a permanent strategy for an existing site. Thousands of new websites are published everyday and climbing to the top search results can take a long time. Pay Per Click can be used as a strategy while you build up your organic ranking presence as well as long time permanent marketing strategy.

While the concept of paying for ads to appear in search results may seem simple, ensuring the highest return on investment can involve a variety of more complex factors including geographic limitations, time/day parting, ad copy/creative testing, landing page optimization & managing maximum bid or overall spend limits. Click Revolver has the experience to help new websites and website owners get a successful program started the right way. The algorithms that determine what paid advertisements to show in what position for what searches is complex and it is not as simple as paying to be in the top spot.

What is a visitor to your website worth? 10 cents? 5 dollars? 50 dollars? If you can determine how many visitors it takes to achieve your goals, and what it costs, why wouldn’t you buy as many pay per click ads as possible at a lower price? Click Revolver can give you as much or as little help as you need to create more business, slow down your competitors or draw attention to a new website.